Under the leadership, teaching, and friendship of Bill and Jill we were able to grow in an understanding of who we were and who’s we were. Out of that identity we have been able to step up to the Father’s call and find freedom. We have been able to create a business, community center, and missional community that is transforming an entire city. Sometimes we wonder what life would look like without the influence of Bill and Jill and it’s impossible to know. What we do know, is their obedience to the Father placed them exactly in the perfect time and place to empower and equip us for Kingdom ministry. We are very grateful to these two: our amazing spiritual parents.

Stuart Sutherland

City of Shasta Lake, CA

Ten years ago, the Randall’s empowered us and commissioned us to plant a new church, the Stirring, in Redding CA. Our desire, more than anything, was to reach young adults, to see them come alive in Jesus, to encounter His wild love, and to live with courage the dreams God has placed within them; offering to this next generation what Bill & Jill so generously offered to us. Years later, the Stirring church has grown into a healthy and progressive expression of the kingdom in our city and beyond. I am beyond grateful for Bill & Jill Randall, leaders and even more so, spiritual parents, who not only believed in us, but also took a great risk to invest their lives so deeply into ours. I can truly say, no couple has a deeper and more lasting impact on our lives than the Bill & Jill. We are profoundly grateful

Nathan Edwardson

Redding, CA

As an individual who is concerned about my spiritual health, and as a leader of both a church and a church staff, I have also experienced significant growth through regular coaching by Bill over the past several years. Bill has coached me via phone calls, Skype calls, and whenever it has been possible, through face-to-face meetings. We’ve covered a significant range of topics, from things like hiring and leading staff, to personal spiritual formation skills, to communicating and preaching, to leading a governing board, and many other subjects that have equipped me to be a better steward of my time, talents, and relationships.

Don Hunter

Ridgway, PA

One of the most transformative aspects of working with Bill is his ability to see what God is doing in our lives – to believe in us and the Kingdom work that God is releasing through us and calling us into. To have a couple like Bill and Jill by our side, cheering us on, equipping where necessary, listening when needed, speaking always with wisdom and insight, has been one of the greatest encouragements that the Lord has brought to our lives.

Andy Ashworth

Glasgow, Scotland