Joining Pioneering Initiatives

If you are a Kingdom focused leader and find yourself often frustrated with the Sunday/facility centric, consumer driven version of church that is all too common in today’s world, it might be worthwhile for you to consider if you have been wired by God to serve as a apostolic missionary. There are few things more confusing and frustrating than trying to flourish as an apostolically wired leader while serving in a non-apostolic ministry context. It feels like you are bumping up against a powerful machine that is designed to marginalize rather than appreciate your God given ministry instincts. Pioneering Initiatives missionaries are consumed with multiplying disciples from among the harvest rather than simply improving the existing church. We deeply appreciate the strategic role that the local church plays in maturing and sustaining the harvest. New expressions of culturally relevant local churches are the intentional outcome of our pioneering efforts. We are convinced that the local church is meant to be the body of Christ on mission in a specific geographical context. But such Kingdom outposts must be consistently informed, influenced and networked with apostolically gifted leaders to resist the monumental historical drift toward missional irrelevancy. If this line of thought catches your attention, please get in touch with us. We’d love to connect with you, hear your story and begin a prayerful discernment process to see if your calling and wiring are a fit with Pioneering Initiatives.