The Pioneering Initiatives Ministry Matrix

Matrix (noun) – “An environment in which something develops.”


PI Apostolic Catalysts – These are the apostolic missionaries serving with the Pioneering Initiatives tribe of CRM/ChurchNEXT. They are visionary leaders committed to the work of seeing gospel movements launched in cities and nations around the world. Their unique task is to pioneer disciple-making initiatives among the harvest, identify and equip indigenous leaders to whom they delegate leadership, with the intended outcome of launching a new expression of a multiplying church (what we call a “Gathering”). Then, while maintaining relationship with that initiative, they move on and multiply their catalytic work in a different geographic location or network.

Missional Communities – These are the mid-sized groups made up of believers who gather regularly to spur one another on to live fruitfully together on mission. Cultivating a MC is a high priority for the PI team. A typical MC gathering would include fellowship, prayer, testimony, equipping, prophetic/strategic planning, encouragement and accountability. The MC is the most critical element in the PI missional paradigm, with the experiences of genuine community, equipping and accountability to live faithfully on mission at its core.

Missional Spaces – A missional space could be any place where current disciples of Jesus and pre-believers could meaningfully spend time together (ie., coffee shop, pub, gym, park). It also could include a countless number of activities that believers and pre-believers might enjoy doing together. In a missional space, strangers can become acquaintances and acquaintances can become friends. Through such friendship (bathed in prayer), the disciple of Jesus would prayerfully seize every opportunity to display the Kingdom and share the relevancy and joy of allowing Jesus to be the Source of satisfying one’s spiritual curiosity. It is often from the missional space that we invite people into what we call the discovery process.

Discovery Process – The discovery process is an intentional strategy designed to help the spiritually curious discover Jesus by experiencing:

  1. Authentic Christian community (John 13:35)
  2. A revelation of God through Scripture (Romans 1:16)
  3. A demonstration of God’s power through answered prayer (1 Corinthians 2:4,5).

Our PI missionaries utilize a combination of the familiar Discovery Bible Study method (DBS), along with a readiness to pray with expectation for the needs of others in order to demonstrate the power and reality of God. We like to think of DBS and supernatural ministry more as tools that can be employed anywhere and at any moment than something that goes on at a scheduled meeting. We are actually just inviting people to observe and experience the reality of our lifestyle of following Jesus.

Gatherings – A “Gathering” is what we refer to as an expression of ecclesia (church). In the PI paradigm of church planting, we don’t begin with a weekend ministry venue and program, but rather allow the Gathering to be birthed as the result of our labors in prayer and work out among the harvest. For us, it is essential that disciple-making and equipping emerging leaders precedes the launching of a new expression of church. We believe the local church is meant to be a family of God’s people committed to living all of life on mission. At a Gathering, the body of Christ worships, hears testimonies, is instructed and inspired by a bible-based message, has opportunities to offer and receive expectant prayer, and is cheered on to engage the harvest.

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